Pippa, Julie and Jane are just back from Premiere Vision Paris, where Jane was exhibiting with Scottish textile studio, Collect, so we thought we'd bring you a quick report on their Parisian highlights. 

About the show

Premiere Vision Paris is one of the most important textile trade shows in the world and takes place twice a year. February's show is all about Spring/Summer designs and the September show focuses on show Autumn/Winter designs.

The show was vast and includes yarns, fabric, design, manufacturing, leather and accessories. We concentrated on the design area where there were 240 studios selling designs for all kinds of sectors including men’s, women’s, children’s, sportswear, knits and more. There were also a number of stands selling both vintage clothes and pattern books, which we were surprised to see.

Trend spotting

We couldn't identify any particular major colour or motif trends coming through. There really was every type of design from geometric to botanical, floral to conversational. We were at the February show where the focus is ostensibly on Spring/Summer 2017 but it didn't seem to us that the patterns reflected any particular season. What struck us most was that the majority of designs looked hand drawn and there was very little computer generated work. 

Jane Kirkpatrick's work at Premiere Vision

Pippa, Julie and Jane attended because Jane was exhibiting with exclusive Scottish textile studio, Collect, whose goal is to nurture and show the best of contemporary Scottish textile design talent. Collect only exhibit the work of designers born or resident in Scotland, and each designer is handpicked based on the beauty and innovation of their work. Needless to say, we're all very proud (but not at all surprised) that Jane was picked!

Take a look at Collect's Instagram feed for pictures of the beautiful work they showed at Premiere Vision. 

Our pick of the exhibitors

There were so many great stands but here are a few of our favourites:

Sadly, there were ‘no photo’ signs everywhere so we couldn’t photograph any of the lovely work but you can see photos from the show on Premiere Vision's Instagram feed.

Were you at Premiere Vision?

Were you at the show or are you thinking about exhibiting? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Julie (L) and Pippa (R) enjoying a pitstop mid-show

Julie (L) and Pippa (R) enjoying a pitstop mid-show