Beth has some exciting news to share....she has new home decor products now available for sale at Guildery! Guildery is a home decor website with a different vision. They curate fabric collections together so it's easier for the customer to purchase accessories for their home that are sure to coordinate. They take all the guesswork out of decorating, it's fantastic! They have chosen three of Beth's pattern designs which they have brilliantly curated in to the Walden Collection

The products include pillows in various sizes, wallpaper, table runners, tea towels, cloth napkins, wrapping paper, fabric by the yard, and their most recent product....fabric wrapping paper! One of the other great things about Guildery is that if the colors in your home are different from the curated colors, you can change them with their Custom Color tool. So cool. Beth's products are now for sale at 30% off until Tuesday, December 8th.

Congrats Beth!

*all images courtesy of Guildery